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Dicionário Universal Língua Portuguesa
Dictionary of the Portuguese language.

Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa da Porto Editora
Dictionary of the Portuguese language, with Portuguese/Portuguese; Portugese/English; English/Portuguese; Portuguese/French; and French/Portuguese. (Note: There is a charge for access.)

Orthographical Dictionary
On-line edition of the Vocabulário Ortográfico da Língua Portuguesa (Portuguese Language Orthographic Vocabulary) of the Academia Brasileira de Letras (Brazilian Academy of Letters)

Encyclopedic Dictionary
This great dictionary provides much more than definitions.

Caboverdian Dictionary
Portuguese version of the Dictionnaire Étymologique Créole de Santiago, of Nicolas Quint-Abrial.

Michaelis: Moderno Dictionário de la Língua Portuguesa
Dictionary of Modern Portuguese. (charge for access)

Dictionary of Brazilian Folklore
Small dictionary written for foreign students.
A very complete listing of all sorts of dictionaries for virtually every language on the planet.

Dictionary of Portuguese slang
Created by the Universidade do Minho (Portugal). See also a mini-bilingual Dictionary of slag at .

Dictionary of Anglicisms
A small dictionary made by the Instituto Superior Politécnico de Viseu (Portugal).

Portuguese Proverbs
A list of almost 300 proverbs.

Brazilian Proverbs
A dictionary with 2827 proverbs.

Dicionário Cravo Albin de música popular brasileira (Brazil)
A comprehensive online dictionary of popular Brazilian music

Little Explorers - Portuguese/English dictionary
Portuguese - English Dictionary with pictures and links.



Altavista Babelfish Translator
A translation tool from SYSTRAN. translator
A translation tool from SYSTRAN.

A series of miscellaneous sources dedicated to online translators and dictionaries.

The "megasource" for online translating.

Comprehensive directory of bilingual and multilingual directories on the Internet. Fully searchable database, with over a thousand titles references.

Ectaco Online Dictionaries
Free online searchable dictionaries - English to/from 19 languages.



Gramatica da Lingua Portuguesa
Great web-site for Brazilian Portuguese grammar.

Gramatica on Line
Great Brazilian Portuguese grammar resource, with a helpful "tira-duvidas".

Ciberduvidas da Lingua Portuguesa
"Question solving" site on obscure grammar aspects. Send your questions, they will post the answers!

ConVer: Verb Conjugation
Generates the various verb forms from their infinitives. Originally it was a graduation project for the Computer Science course of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.

Language Learning Library
Grammar and conversation help for Portuguese and other languages. Includes links to dictionaries as well.

On-line conjugator.

The Historical Grammar of Portuguese Language
Some texts about this subject, available on the web site of the Instituto Camões.

O Estado de S. Paulo (newspaper): Manual of Style and Usage
A good manual written by this Brazilian daily.

Publico (newspaper): Style Book
A good guide to the writing of Portuguese language. There is also a new edition under revision, at .

Por Tras Das Letras
A guide to correct Portuguese grammar; information on literature, interviews, and dictionaries are also provided.



Centro Virtual Camões
Part of the Instituto Camões in Portugual, the site contains interactive resources for learning the Portuguese language online.

A Portuguese language instruction site.

Fala Lingua
Useful tutorial and reference for Portuguese Language.

'De Tudo um Pouco'
Eight free online Portuguese lessons based on the book De Tudo un Pouco by Mike Harland.

'Fale Português'
Site for English speakers interested in learning more about Portuguese (focused on Brazilian Portuguese).

Sonia Celegatti Althoff
Language lessons and links for those interested in Brazil or the Portuguese language.


Web-based language interaction (chat)

Do you want to develop your communicative skills in Portuguese? Join Teletandembrasil, a project that puts together Brazilian and students from everywhere to exchange online chats in both English and Portuguese. It is very easy to register since the University of Arizona is already part of this amazing project.



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